Developer-friendly headless e-commerce sites with WooCommerce are now easy with WooGraphQL. No REST API, no endpoints, no hassles. Just easy queries from the GraphiQL IDE, and you're on your way. With mutation support, you'll be writing orders back to WooCommerce faster than you thought possible

GraphQL is a modern, flexible query language for APIs, designed to make it easy for developers to request and receive the exact data they need. It enables more efficient and precise communication between frontend and backend, leading to faster, more responsive applications. WPGraphQL brings the power of GraphQL to the WordPress ecosystem, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate WordPress data with modern web technologies. As the WordPress flavor of GraphQL, WPGraphQL provides an elegant, flexible, and efficient way to build cutting-edge applications with WordPress at their core.

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WPGraphQL WooCommerce (WooGraphQL), is a WPGraphQL and WooCommerce extension. It exposes WooCommerce functionality to the GraphQL server created by WPGraphQL.

With the release of WooGraphQL Pro 1.0, you can move past Simple and Variable products to use Bundle Products, Add On Products, Composite Products, Subscriptions, all from one extra plugin developed by the originator and long-time open source contributor of WooGraphQL.

Get started now by downloading and installing the latest version.

Query for data products, orders, coupons, and much more.

WooGraphQL sources the WooCommerce's Data Stores API and repeats most WooCommerce hooks to provide a wider array of support for most WooCommerce extensions out of the box.

Queries can be shaped for specific uses, retrieve only data fields needed, keeping requests speedy and efficient.

WooGraphQL uses the Relay Connection Specification and Cursor-based Pagination, unlike REST which uses page-based pagination and individual endpoints with little control over the resulting data, this enables the client to retrieve only the desired data with no bloat while ensuring the server doesn't work overtime to get it done.

Easy development experience with little to no learning curve.

The combination of WPGraphQL and WooGraphQL data in an easy-to-use "GraphiQL" interface means novice or junior front-end developers can get involved creating the UI extremely quickly. No advanced degrees in REST and endpoints are required. No need for extensive documentation. All the data are just right there in front of you, waiting for you to manipulate it into a brilliant UX.

WooGraphQL provides user session-specific utilities so WooCommerce can continue managing the end-user’s session for the most part. These utilities include:

A custom WC Session Handler class for generating a JWT to act as a key to the user session in the WordPress database and store session-related meta data for use on the client.

A Session Transaction Manager that adds support for multiple state changes to the session occurring in a single request.


The WooGraphQL Team’s consultancy services were absolutely outstanding. Their expertise enabled us to successfully scale and launch our decoupled e-commerce site using GraphQL and Next.js. As the maintainers of WooGraphQL, the contributions provided were invaluable, allowing us to save costs and accelerate our progress. With deep knowledge in both back-end and front-end development, the services rendered proved to be an indispensable asset throughout our project. We highly recommend the consultancy services for anyone seeking top-tier expertise in website development.

Andres A., Lead Developer, Netzstrategen.

WooGraphQL has unlocked a whole new world for our e-commerce clients. We're running fully headless production e-commerce sites all the way through order processing, and we can build far better and much faster user experiences than we could with WooCommerce alone. Getting the data is easy and makes perfect sense to our front-end developers who far prefer React to PHP, but our clients can still use WordPress for all their needs. The integrations with ACF and The Events Calendar make it even more compelling.

Craig Wilcox, CEO, Simplur, Inc.

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Development troubles?

Try our expert consultant and development services! The application you're currently viewing showcases our ability to fully utilize WPGraphQL and WooGraphQL to deliver outstanding results. Our team specializes in creating scalable web applications with low overhead costs and minimal maintenance requirements. While we're strong advocates for headless WordPress, we understand that it may not be the perfect fit for every project. That's why we carefully select the best tech stack tailored to both our clients and the specific task at hand. Keep this in mind when you reach out to us, and we'll ensure the optimal solution for your needs.

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Upgrade to WooGraphQL Pro and unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store with seamless integration of top-tier extensions. Enhance your online store experience with support for WooCommerce most popular extensions and watch your store thrive with unmatched flexibility and scalability.

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