Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to report a bug or request a new feature in WooGraphQL?

Open a ticket on the GitHub repository, but know that the scope of WooGraphQL is core WooCommerce. This means no functionality or features for WooCommerce extension will be included.

What's the best way to report a bug or request a new feature in WooGraphQL Pro?

Send us a message using the form below.

How do I get a WooGraphQL Pro License?

Once you click a "Buy" button on the Home or Pro pages you'll be taken to the Checkout page. During checkout, you will create login credentials. And after checkout, you will be direct to the Order Details page. From there you can continue to the Licenses page, where after page load a "Generate License" button with appear in the heading on the "License" table click it and modal will appear with a list of your license orders. Select your license than click "Confirm". After clicking "Confirm" the modal will disappear and new license will be added to the table.

How do I download WooGraphQL Pro?

View previous question first. After generating your license navigate to the "Downloads" table of the Account page you should be on after generating your license. The "Downloads" table contains a list of all the available versions of both WooGraphQL and WooGraphQL Pro.

Do I need WooGraphQL installed and activated to use WooGraphQL Pro.

Yes. In order for WooGraphQL Pro to work it need much of the functionality defined in WooGraphQL.

How often do new releases come out?

For WooGraphQL. At least once a month, sometimes more. WooCommerce is constantly changing and maintenance is needed.
For WooGraphQL Pro. It's an irregular release schedule, the code it extends does not get changed as often as WooCommerce core and does not typical require much more than the occasional bug-fix.

What's the recommend way for handling checkout in a WooGraphQL application?

For the best support with payment gateways and other checkout-related WooCommerce extensions, it is recommended the application direct the end-user to the checkout page on WordPress along with query parameters for identifying/authenticating that end-user before the response from WordPress is given. Guides have been written on this and there will be a walkthrough on this soon in our Documentation section.

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