Schema Documentation



Avatars are profile images for users. WordPress by default uses the Gravatar service to host and fetch avatars from.

Field NameDescription
default - String URL for the default image or a default type. Accepts '404' (return a 404 instead of a default image), 'retro' (8bit), 'monsterid' (monster), 'wavatar' (cartoon face), 'indenticon' (the 'quilt'), 'mystery', 'mm', or 'mysteryman' (The Oyster Man), 'blank' (transparent GIF), or 'gravatar_default' (the Gravatar logo).
extraAttr - String HTML attributes to insert in the IMG element. Is not sanitized.
forceDefault - Boolean Whether to always show the default image, never the Gravatar.
foundAvatar - Boolean Whether the avatar was successfully found.
height - Int Height of the avatar image.
isRestricted - Boolean Whether the object is restricted from the current viewer
rating - String What rating to display avatars up to. Accepts 'G', 'PG', 'R', 'X', and are judged in that order.
scheme - String Type of url scheme to use. Typically HTTP vs. HTTPS.
size - Int The size of the avatar in pixels. A value of 96 will match a 96px x 96px gravatar image.
url - String URL for the gravatar image source.
width - Int Width of the avatar image.