Schema Documentation



List of categories to connect the post to. If an ID is set, it will be used to create the connection. If not, it will look for a slug. If neither are valid existing terms, and the site is configured to allow terms to be created during post mutations, a term will be created using the Name if it exists in the input, then fallback to the slug if it exists.

Input FieldDescription
description - String The description of the category. This field is used to set a description of the category if a new one is created during the mutation.
id - ID The ID of the category. If present, this will be used to connect to the post. If no existing category exists with this ID, no connection will be made.
name - String The name of the category. This field is used to create a new term, if term creation is enabled in nested mutations, and if one does not already exist with the provided slug or ID or if a slug or ID is not provided. If no name is included and a term is created, the creation will fallback to the slug field.
slug - String The slug of the category. If no ID is present, this field will be used to make a connection. If no existing term exists with this slug, this field will be used as a fallback to the Name field when creating a new term to connect to, if term creation is enabled as a nested mutation.