Schema Documentation



Input for the createOrder mutation.

Input FieldDescription
billing - CustomerAddressInput Order billing address
clientMutationId - String This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.
coupons - [String] Coupons codes to be applied to order
currency - String Currency the order was created with, in ISO format.
customerId - Int Order customer ID
customerNote - String Note left by customer during checkout.
feeLines - [FeeLineInput] Order shipping lines
isPaid - Boolean Define if the order is paid. It will set the status to processing and reduce stock items.
lineItems - [LineItemInput] Order line items
metaData - [MetaDataInput] Order meta data
parentId - Int Parent order ID.
paymentMethod - String Payment method ID.
paymentMethodTitle - String Payment method title.
shipping - CustomerAddressInput Order shipping address
shippingLines - [ShippingLineInput] Order shipping lines
status - OrderStatusEnum Order status
transactionId - String Order transaction ID