Schema Documentation



Arguments for filtering the ContentTypeToContentNodeConnection connection

Input FieldDescription
contentTypes - [ContentTypeEnum] The Types of content to filter
dateQuery - DateQueryInput Filter the connection based on dates
hasPassword - Boolean True for objects with passwords; False for objects without passwords; null for all objects with or without passwords
id - Int Specific database ID of the object
in - [ID] Array of IDs for the objects to retrieve
mimeType - MimeTypeEnum Get objects with a specific mimeType property
name - String Slug / post_name of the object
nameIn - [String] Specify objects to retrieve. Use slugs
notIn - [ID] Specify IDs NOT to retrieve. If this is used in the same query as "in", it will be ignored
orderby - [PostObjectsConnectionOrderbyInput] What paramater to use to order the objects by.
parent - ID Use ID to return only children. Use 0 to return only top-level items
parentIn - [ID] Specify objects whose parent is in an array
parentNotIn - [ID] Specify posts whose parent is not in an array
password - String Show posts with a specific password.
search - String Show Posts based on a keyword search
stati - [PostStatusEnum] Retrieve posts where post status is in an array.
status - PostStatusEnum Show posts with a specific status.
title - String Title of the object