Schema Documentation



A component of a composite product

Field NameDescription
attributeFilters - [Taxonomy] Attribute to use for creating Component Option filters.
componentId - Int! Component ID.
defaultOption - Product The default option selected
description - String Description of the component.
format - PostObjectFieldFormatEnum

Format of the description.

discount - String Discount applied to the component, applicable when Priced Individually is enabled.
id - ID! Component global unique identifier.
maxQuantity - Int Maximum component quantity.
minQuantity - Int Minimum component quantity.
optional - Boolean Indicates whether the component is optional.
optionsSelectAction - CompositeProductComponentOptionSelectActionEnum Action to be executed upon option selection.
optionsStyle - CompositeProductComponentOptionStyleEnum Indicates which template to use for displaying component options.
paginationStyle - CompositeProductComponentPaginationStyleEnum Controls how new Thumbnails are loaded into the Component Options view. Applicable when the Options Style of this Component is set to Thumbnails.
pricedIndividually - Boolean Indicates whether the price of this component is added to the base price of the composite.
queryOptions - [Product] The available options for this component. Either a list of product or product category.
queryType - CompositeProductComponentOptionsTypeEnum Component options type. Either "Products" or "Categories"
selectionDetailVisibility - [CompositeProductComponentSelectionDetailVisibilityEnum] The component details to display for this component.
shippedIndividually - Boolean Indicates whether this component is shipped separately from the composite.
showFilteringOptions - Boolean Whether to display filtering options in this Component.
showSortingOptions - Boolean Whether to display sorting options in this Component.
slug - String Slug of the component.
subtotalVisibility - [CompositeProductComponentSubtotalVisibilityEnum] Locations of where this components subtotal should be visible.
thumbnail - MediaItem Thumbnail associated with this Component.
title - String Title of the component.