Schema Documentation



Details for labels of the PostType

Field NameDescription
addNew - String Default is ‘Add New’ for both hierarchical and non-hierarchical types.
addNewItem - String Label for adding a new singular item.
allItems - String Label to signify all items in a submenu link.
archives - String Label for archives in nav menus
attributes - String Label for the attributes meta box.
editItem - String Label for editing a singular item.
featuredImage - String Label for the Featured Image meta box title.
filterItemsList - String Label for the table views hidden heading.
insertIntoItem - String Label for the media frame button.
itemsList - String Label for the table hidden heading.
itemsListNavigation - String Label for the table pagination hidden heading.
menuName - String Label for the menu name.
name - String General name for the post type, usually plural.
newItem - String Label for the new item page title.
notFound - String Label used when no items are found.
notFoundInTrash - String Label used when no items are in the trash.
parentItemColon - String Label used to prefix parents of hierarchical items.
removeFeaturedImage - String Label for removing the featured image.
searchItems - String Label for searching plural items.
setFeaturedImage - String Label for setting the featured image.
singularName - String Name for one object of this post type.
uploadedToThisItem - String Label for the media frame filter.
useFeaturedImage - String Label in the media frame for using a featured image.
viewItem - String Label for viewing a singular item.
viewItems - String Label for viewing post type archives.