Schema Documentation



Input for the updateUser mutation.

Input FieldDescription
aim - String User's AOL IM account.
clientMutationId - String This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.
description - String A string containing content about the user.
displayName - String A string that will be shown on the site. Defaults to user's username. It is likely that you will want to change this, for both appearance and security through obscurity (that is if you dont use and delete the default admin user).
email - String A string containing the user's email address.
firstName - String
The user's first name.
id - ID! The ID of the user
jabber - String User's Jabber account.
lastName - String The user's last name.
locale - String User's locale.
nicename - String A string that contains a URL-friendly name for the user. The default is the user's username.
nickname - String The user's nickname, defaults to the user's username.
password - String A string that contains the plain text password for the user.
refreshJwtUserSecret - Boolean If true, this will refresh the users JWT secret.
registered - String The date the user registered. Format is Y-m-d H:i:s.
revokeJwtUserSecret - Boolean If true, this will revoke the users JWT secret. If false, this will unrevoke the JWT secret AND issue a new one. To revoke, the user must have proper capabilities to edit users JWT secrets.
richEditing - String A string for whether to enable the rich editor or not. False if not empty.
roles - [String] An array of roles to be assigned to the user.
websiteUrl - String A string containing the user's URL for the user's web site.
yim - String User's Yahoo IM account.