Schema Documentation



Input for the createMediaItem mutation.

Input FieldDescription
altText - String Alternative text to display when mediaItem is not displayed
authorId - ID The userId to assign as the author of the mediaItem
caption - String The caption for the mediaItem
clientMutationId - String This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.
commentStatus - String The comment status for the mediaItem
date - String The date of the mediaItem
dateGmt - String The date (in GMT zone) of the mediaItem
description - String Description of the mediaItem
filePath - String The file name of the mediaItem
fileType - MimeTypeEnum The file type of the mediaItem
parentId - ID The ID of the parent object
pingStatus - String The ping status for the mediaItem
slug - String The slug of the mediaItem
status - MediaItemStatusEnum The status of the mediaItem
title - String The title of the mediaItem