Schema Documentation



Input for the updateReview mutation.

Input FieldDescription
approved - String The approval status of the comment.
author - String The name of the comment's author.
authorEmail - String The email of the comment's author.
authorUrl - String The url of the comment's author.
clientMutationId - String This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.
commentOn - Int The database ID of the post object the comment belongs to.
content - String Content of the comment.
date - String The date of the object. Preferable to enter as year/month/day ( e.g. 01/31/2017 ) as it will rearrange date as fit if it is not specified. Incomplete dates may have unintended results for example, "2017" as the input will use current date with timestamp 20:17
id - ID! The ID of the review being updated.
parent - ID Parent comment ID of current comment.
rating - Int! Product rating
status - CommentStatusEnum The approval status of the comment