Schema Documentation



Input for the createPage mutation

Input FieldDescription
authorId - ID

The userId to assign as the author of the object

clientMutationId - String

This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.

commentStatus - String

The comment status for the object

content - String

The content of the object

date - String

The date of the object. Preferable to enter as year/month/day (e.g. 01/31/2017) as it will rearrange date as fit if it is not specified. Incomplete dates may have unintended results for example, "2017" as the input will use current date with timestamp 20:17

menuOrder - Int

A field used for ordering posts. This is typically used with nav menu items or for special ordering of hierarchical content types.

parentId - ID

The ID of the parent object

password - String

The password used to protect the content of the object

slug - String

The slug of the object

status - PostStatusEnum

The status of the object

title - String

The title of the object