Schema Documentation



Input for the updateSettings mutation

Input FieldDescription
clientMutationId - String

This is an ID that can be passed to a mutation by the client to track the progress of mutations and catch possible duplicate mutation submissions.

discussionSettingsDefaultCommentStatus - String

Allow people to submit comments on new posts.

discussionSettingsDefaultPingStatus - String

Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles.

generalSettingsDateFormat - String

A date format for all date strings.

generalSettingsDescription - String

Site tagline.

generalSettingsLanguage - String

WordPress locale code.

generalSettingsStartOfWeek - Int

A day number of the week that the week should start on.

generalSettingsTimeFormat - String

A time format for all time strings.

generalSettingsTimezone - String

A city in the same timezone as you.

generalSettingsTitle - String

Site title.

readingSettingsPageForPosts - Int

The ID of the page that should display the latest posts

readingSettingsPageOnFront - Int

The ID of the page that should be displayed on the front page

readingSettingsPostsPerPage - Int

Blog pages show at most.

readingSettingsShowOnFront - String

What to show on the front page

writingSettingsDefaultCategory - Int

Default post category.

writingSettingsDefaultPostFormat - String

Default post format.

writingSettingsUseSmilies - Boolean

Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display.